IPedge Phone Systems

In 2011 Toshiba introduced the IPedge system as an advanced pure IP platform that providing sophisticated business communication features. The IPedge system performs call processing, voice mail, unified messaging, media processing that includes conferencing and paging, meet-me conferencing with web collaboration, centralized management, Call Manager unified communications, and more.

IPedge uses Linux for the base operating system that provides a high level of scalability and
security. IPedge is a software centric Unified Communications platform designed for customers who want to deploy on an all IP network infrastructure to realize the savings of managing a single network.

Networking between IPedge servers and/or Strata CIX systems is enabled via IPedge Net using
one IP address. The IPedge solution is easy to install and is available in three different sizes depending on the number of users, applications, and conferencing needs. The EP server supports 8 to 40 users, the EC server supports applications up to 200 users and the EM server supports up to 1,000 users.

Available with the IPedge system is Toshiba’s SIP Trunking I-VoIP service (SIP Trunking).
Toshiba’s integrated SIP Trunking service and equipment enable businesses to choose a single vendor business telephone service and equipment solution.

IPedge can also connect to a MAS or MicroMAS via IP to run ACD and it can connect to
uMobility and other external applications.

The IPedge server integrates all the necessary customer centric applications as shown below. The IPedge reduces the need for multiple servers to support each application separately, therefore it dramatically decreases the cost and complexity of deploying multiple applications.


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