External and In-Skin Voicemail

Stratagy IVP8: In 2002 the IVP8 “in-skin” voicemail platform was introduced, now allowing the voicemail to be internal to the phone system. In 2004 the IVP8 R2 was introduced, increasing both storage capacity and internal baud rate.

Stratagy iES32 & iES16: In 2002 the advanced and feature packed iES32 “in-skin” voicemail was introduced. In 2005 Toshiba released the iES16 “newer version” of the iES32 which used a compact flash storage rather than the HDD on the iES32.

Stratagy ES: In 2003 the external Stratagy ES (SES) voicemail platform was released. ES48 and ES96R2 models were available in up to 48-port and 96-port configurations. Each platform is designed for incremental expansion of voice/fax applications in a more modern design.

Strata MAS: Toshiba released the Media Application Server (MAS) in 2005 which allowed for 4 up to 32 ports of voicemail and with the release of the Micro MAS in 2007 the smaller unit allowed for 2 up to 8 ports of voicemail.

Strata GVPH & LVMU: Introduced in 2006 the GVMU1A (replaced in 2007 by the GVPH1A) and in 2007 the LVMU1A “in-skin” voicemails were released to replace the IVP8 voicemails – seamlessly integrating a voicemail into the Strata phone system of your choice.

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