Strata CIX Phone System

In 2006 Strata CIX Release 4.1 added VLAN support, BCOCIU, and BSTCIU Caller ID cards, and Strata Net per-port licensing. HotDesk, a FeatureFlex application, introduced a cost-effective digital telephone operation for a shared office environment.

The PC Interface Unit (BPCI) and TAPI driver software provided Outlook integration for digital telephones. The CIX Attendant Console was made available as a software-only License, enabling users to provide their own PC.

The Strata CIX40 was introduced for small office users, completing the transition of the entire Strata product line to IP technology. The CIX40 replaced the CTX28 in the Strata product line adding support for IP telephones, Strata Net networking, expanded capacity, and an enhanced integrated voice mail (GVPH) card with a built-in modem.

In 2007 Strata CIX Release 4.2 provided increased Caller ID Storage telephone capacity, CSTA enhancements, and additional SIP telephone features Hold, Conference, and Transfer. Also, with Release 4.2, a new version of eManager provided enhancements including integration with DESI® keystrip printing program, import/export of DID/DNIS assignments, station directory, station, and system speed dial names, and numbers, and group upload of network calling numbers.

Strata CIX Release 5.0 added the IP Hot Desk feature with IP User Mobility to automate the device login/logout procedure throughout the network, and Release 5.1 added SIP Trunking. Strata ACD R2.1 with Unifier provided networked ACD of multiple call center sites to operate as one integrated call routing system.

Strata CIX40 Release 2 increased system capacities from 6 to 11 trunks, from 8 to 24 IP channels, and from 4 to 6 or 8 voice mail ports. The 5000-series Digital Telephones replaced the 3200-series with new styling and new models that include backlit LCD and LCD key labels.

In 2008 the centralized administration function of eManager was enhanced to better support networked applications with the ability to manage a single site or a group of CIX systems simultaneously in a single session. Active Directory Services were added to synchronize databases and speed installation.

The SoftIPT version 2.2 provided Vista operating system support, G.729, and echo cancellation enhancements. Net Phone version 6.0 enhancements included CIX Presence. The CIX1200 was added to the Strata family, expanding maximum capacity up to 440 trunks, 1,000 telephones, and 1,152 ports total. Strata CIX R5.2 adds integration with Microsoft Exchange to provide unified messaging using Exchange 2007 as the voice mail server.

In 2009 two Nurse Call Systems (Cornell Aura 2.0 and IgeaCare) were introduced to provide comprehensive, integrated nurse response and reporting to complement the capabilities of the Strata CIX for assisted living facilities.

Strata ACD version 1.6 provided scalability enhancements to support up to 20 Strata CIX nodes for network ACD applications. Multimedia Web Callback was also added to provide website visitors access to the contact center from the web site by leaving a callback request in the queue.

The centralized administration function of Network eManager was enhanced to speed installation with an Excel import utility that can populate program data from an Excel spreadsheet containing names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. and works in conjunction with Network eManager’s Active Directory Services utility. Microsoft Exchange 2007 R2 integration with the Strata CIX provided remote call control and enhanced telephony presence to the OCS client application.

Also, in 2009 survivability for IP telephones on Strata CIX was enhanced through the use of AudioCodes gateways. Both outgoing and incoming calls automatically follow the IP telephones to their alternative location on a secondary Strata CIX system. Voice mail on MAS or MicroMAS will still be operational even when one of either the primary or secondary Strata CIX is completely down because the MAS can be simultaneously registered to both Strata CIX systems.

2010 Strata ACD version 2.4 provided additional multimedia contact center enhancements to support live Web Chat with contact center agents for visitors accessing the contact center from the web site. Strata CIX40 Release 3 hardware modifications to the cabinet and power supply brought improved power supply operation and grounding.

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