In 2010, Toshiba again entered into a whole new era with the introduction of the Toshiba IPedge pure IP platform voice solution. By running multiple applications on one unified server, instead of requiring an individual server for each application, the IPedge server delivered significant efficiencies and savings.


Toshiba’s first digital key telephone system was the Strata DK in 1989. The DK56 and DK96 replaced the XIIe and XXe in the Strata product line and set the standard architecture for the digital product line.

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In 2002, Toshiba entered a whole new era with the introduction of the Strata CTX100 and CTX670 digital business telephone system, bringing larger capacity, multi-system networking, advanced ACD, enhanced voicemail integration, and many other important new features.


In 2005 the Strata CIX200 with Release 3.0 software represented Toshiba’s second generation IP system with peer-to-peer IP communication of MEGACO+ and Uniden UIP200 SIP telephones.

Voicemail & MAS

Over the past 40 years Toshiba has provided some of the worlds best voice processing solutions. From external to in-skin to Media Application Servers, voicemail at its best.

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