TOSHIBA Phone Support – Incident Fee


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Toshiba Help and Troubleshooting

Need help? We are here for you. The only site on the internet to click, pay, call, and get a live tech to work for you. Don’t try and troubleshoot on your own, call us, that is what we are here for. Our Call Center is ready for your call.

Our certified technicians and engineers are here to help you, tapping decades of Toshiba Telecommunications Systems Division knowledge and experience.

We currently provide call center support Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm PST. After-hours emergency support is offered on an as-available basis.

Each new call into our tech support call center is considered an Incident. Upon confirmed incident payment, a ticket will be opened by our call center technician, and the ticket will reference the 10 digit phone number of the system being worked on. In the event you need to call back regarding the same ticket or system, you will be able to reference the 10 digit phone number for the system. So it is best to use the 10 digit phone number of the business so that tickets in our system will reference the same phone system. It is not recommended that you use your cell phone number as the reference number, as this will merely attribute all of your calls to the same “system”. At the initiation of the ticket you will also be asked for a good call back number in the event you are disconnected and/or our support staff needs to hang up and call you back. We will also provide you with a unique Ticket number for this incident.

Each Incident fee is $185 and includes creation of the ticket and one hour of technical support. In order for the ticket to be opened by support, the $185 fee must be paid through our website using one of our many acceptable payment methods (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal). Prepayment is required so that the support technician can focus on your issue and resolution… not the finance. Once the support tech is on the phone with you, they will request your payment confirmation number. In the event our support technician is unable to assist you with your situation, the technician will refund your payment.

In cases where the support incident exceeds the initial hour of paid support or a site visit is required, our support technician will work with you to apply a payment for a second hour of support at $175 per hour and/or a trip charge** through our website portal. If additional hours are needed, this payment process can be repeated.

**Fees vary due to distance to location