Onsite Support Fee Incident


We currently provide regular call center support Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm PST. 

During these regular call center hours, if you would like to schedule an Onsite Support visit, please call to request onsite support.   Onsite Support Fee starts at a base cost of $350 and may be higher depending on geographical location and scope of work..  The Onsite Support Fee will include the trip charge and 1 hour of onsite assistance.

Process for Requesting Onsite Support:

  1. Call 877-943-7675 – during regular call center hours Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm PST.  Your call will be answered by one of our remote support technicians.
  2. Explain to the remote support tech that you are interested in an Onsite Support visit, provide a brief explanation of your issue/request and provide a call back number in the event you are disconnected, we can call you back.
  3. Our remote support tech will take your preliminary information and connect you with a live person in our operations and scheduling department.
  4. Have ready for the operations/scheduling operator your name, your contact number, your email, the address where the phone system needs to be worked on, the main phone number for the system in question, and a more detailed explanation of your issue/request.
  5. With the information provided in number 4 above, our operations person will then determine the cost for the requested Onsite Support visit and an estimate of onsite time required.  We will provide you with that cost immediately or in a call back once we have determined all the appropriate logistics.
  6. You will be provided both a price for the Onsite Support visit of 1 hour to include the trip charge, an estimate of hours needed and a price for additional hours of service while onsite.  Hours are billed in whole hour increments.
  7. If you would like to proceed with the booking of the Onsite Support visit, our operations person will email you a link to our website portal for you to pay for the Onsite Support and an estimated number of additional hours as necessary.
  8. You will pay the required total pre-payment through our web portal by selecting the Onsite Support base cost of $350, and if the estimated cost is greater than the $350 you will in addition select the appropriate number of $25 increments to obtain a total purchase equal to the estimated cost.
  9. If additional time is needed past the initial estimate, operations will contact you and if you wish to proceed further send you a link for payment of additional Onsite Support per hour at the agreed upon rate.