Emergency Incident Fee


Toshiba VoIP Phones and Digital Phones Tech Support

We currently provide regular call center support Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm PST. 

Outside of these regular hours, After-hours emergency support is offered on an as-available basis.   An Emergency Incident Fee is $485, and includes 1 hour of assistance.

Process for Requesting and Emergency Incident Ticket:

  1. Call 877-943-7675.  Your call will be answered by a voicemail system.
  2. Leave a message in the voicemail box including your name, a call back phone number, and a brief explanation of your issue/request.
  3. Our system will then distribute your voicemail message to all of our off duty technicians.  If any of them is available and at a location where they can call you back, they will do so within 4 hours.  If you don’t hear back within 4 hours please assume that we unfortunately don’t have anyone available to assist you at this time.
  4. If an available technician calls you back he will then ask you for your email and forward you a link in order for you to pay the Emergency Incident Fee of $485.
  5. Once the Emergency Incident Fee payment is confirmed, our technician will assist you for up to one hour.  If additional hours are needed past the included 1 hour, our technician will forward you a link for payment of additional after-hours time.
  6. Additional after-hours time is available to be added to the Incident at a rate of $220 per hour for after-hours.
  7. If additional time is needed past the initial 1 hour, the support tech will send you a link for payment of additional After-Hours support at $220 per hour.

Each Emergency Incident fee is $485 and includes creation of the ticket and one hour of technical support.  In order for the ticket to be opened by support, the $485 fee must be paid through our website using one of our many acceptable payment methods (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal).  The $485 payment is not required until you are on a call live with a support technician  Once the support tech is on the phone with you, they will request your email address and forward you a link for payment processing.  In the event our support technician is unable to assist you with your situation, the technician will refund your payment.