DKT2204-CT Cordless Digital Telephone

Toshiba’s reliable 2204-CT telephone was first released in 2003, manufacturing ceased in March 2010 and manufacturer support ended March 2017.

The DKT2204-CT cordless digital telephone is compatible with all Strata CTX/CIX and Strata DK telephone systems (except Strata DK24/56/96, Release 3). All it requires for connection is a digital station port.

The DKT2204-CT uses 900 MHz spread-spectrum technology. Spread-spectrum technology provides five to seven times greater range than conventional cordless telephones.  The 2204-CT base station has a typical range of up to 300-400 feet, 1.1 miles if unobstructed.  While the DKT2204 provides more range than the DKT2304, the 2204 has only 10 available channels while the 2304 has 30 channels.

Features for the benefit of enhanced productivity:

  • Single button access to: Message, Menu/Mute, Speaker, Redial, Conference/Transfer, Talk, and Hold
  • High quality ultra-secure speech with 32kbps Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) voice code combination
  • Maximum range Spread-spectrum includes 10 phone channels and is almost impossible to scan
  • Ringer and handset volume control (or vibrate)
  • 4 programmable function buttons
  • 2-line with 32-character wrapping LCD display, with 4 icons Talk, Ringer Off, Low (Battery) and Message Waiting
  • Use as a stand-alone extension or as a shared extension with a digital desk phone
  • 6 hours of talk time and 4 days of standby time
  • 3 Ring Tones available
  • Headset jack (2.5 mm)

Toshiba DKT2204-CT Compatible Phone Systems:

Toshiba Strata DK   |   Toshiba Strata CIX   |   Toshiba Strata CTX


The DKT2204-CT cordless digital telephone has 10 operating channels available.  A common misconception is that this limits a customer to 10 cordless telephones.  This is not the case.  Each cordless digital telephone can operate on any of the 10 channels.  When you turn on a cordless digital telephone, the telephone selects an available channel within its’ range.  In the given cordless range, 10 simultaneous calls can be made.  In most businesses, it is unlikely that all 10 channels will be in use at the same time.  Typically, 20 to 30 telephones can share the 10 channels.  Another factor is the distribution of the telephones in a facility.  If your cordless digital telephones are disbursed throughout a facility, there should not be contention for channels.  If there are more than 10 cordless digital telephones in one area and 10 users are using their cordless telephones, an 11th user would not be able connect at that time.


Fixed Feature Buttons

Disconnects calls.
Selects ringer tone and volume in standby mode and speaker volume in talk mode.
Conferences and Transfers calls.
Press to Hold internal or outside calls. Press Hold or Talk to resume the call (local hold).
Selects channel while in talk mode and locks the handset while in standby mode. Press this button if you encounter interference while using your telephone. You can manually change the telephone’s channel for clear operation.
Press to retrieve voice messages.
To dial the last number called, press Talk, then Redial. The last number called is redialed.Note: If you are using the strata CTX system, the Redial button works only with the last dialed number that was answered. If you dial a number and receive no answer, the Redial button will not use that number as the last one dialed.
Toggles the mute feature On and Off (mutes your conversation away from the handset).
This Ringer Off Slide Switch turns the handset ringer On or Off.
Flexible buttons that initiate and disconnect calls. These buttons can be programmed as Extensions or outside Line buttons or Feature buttons by your telephone system administrator.

Feature Access Codes

Account Code Cnf/Trn + #46 + Account code digits
Attendant Console 0
Automatic Busy Redial On #441
Automatic Busy Redial Off #442

Call Forward Codes

All Calls to an ext. Press ext. button + #6011 (tone) + dial the destination extension number (tone)
All Calls to Outside Number Press ext. button + #6011 (tone) + outside line access code + dest. Telephone no. + # (tone)
Busy to an ext. Press ext. button + #6021 (tone) + dial the dest. Ext. no. (tone)
Busy to Outside Number Press ext. button + #6021 (tone) + outside line access code + dest. Telephone no. + # (tone)


DKT2204-CT Troubleshooting Suggestions

DKT2204-CT Specifications

DKT2204-CT Button Diagram

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